November 22, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year"
by Ace Collins

For Christians worldwide, the month of December is filled with joy and wonder as we anticipate the celebration of Christ’s birth. There is no other time of the year that can compare to the Christmas season for both the young and young at heart.
From December to New Year’s Eve, reawaken the wonder, joy, and magic that is Christmas with daily scripture and inspirational readings of stories behind popular Christmas traditions, carols and movies. Enjoy a wealth of fun activities to help make the most of the season, including heartwarming holiday recipes and homemade gift ideas.
With this soon-to-be-cherished holiday devotional, best-selling author Ace Collins will capture your imagination and help to make each day of December more memorable and meaningful to you, and those you love, by shining a light on the real spirit of the season.
This book is a daily devotional that starts on December 1.  The passages in this book help us put things into perspective and remind us the importance and significance of Christmas.  I love the recipes for snacks, gift ideas and songs included in each chapter.  Reading "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" will put you in the Christmas spirit!  
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An Amish Family Christmas
"An Amish Family Christmas"
Shelley Shepard Gray

Book number four in the Charmed Amish Life Series focuses on Levi Kensinger.  Ever since his father died in a tragic fire, Levi has felt at odds with himself.  He returns to Charm to find he doesn't really fit into his old life and with his brothers and sisters.

He finds a sense of purpose when Julia Kemp, his young widowed neighbor, asks for help with a Christmas project.  Julia & her daughter Penny could us a friend and Levi is happy to oblige.  But something about Julia doesn't ring true, but Levi isn't quite sure what.

Penny has been led to believe her father is dead.  But is he?  What will happen when Penny & Levi discover the truth?  Will Julia have to run again for her & Penny to be safe?

Is this really the last book in the Charmed Amish Life series? We need more in this series!  I love how she shows that faith is necessary to survive in this broken world & realities of life.


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A Sister’s Wish
"A Sister's Wish"
Shelley Shepard Gray

A Sister's Wish is book three in the Charmed Amish Life series.  This book focuses on Amelia & Simon.  Simon Hochstetter had always bee known as the community bad boy.  He was forced out of the Amish community, along with his older brother and sister, because of their abusive father.

Simon returns to the Amish community repentant of his past; he discovers Amelia still has feelings for him.  Lukas, Amelia's older brother and Simon's best friend, heartily disapproves of the match.  Because of this, and Simon not wanting to sully the innocent and beautiful Amelia, Simon puts an end to their relationship.

But when other suitors arrive at Amelie'as door, Simon begins having second thoughts.  Simon & Amelia have to work through the issues that threaten to pull them apart.

This is a story of trust and forgiveness.  Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves.  It tells how we must forgive & forget.  Our past mistakes in order to have a future.


October 25, 2016

Cold-Case Christianity for Kids
"Cold-Case Christianity"
J. Warner Wallace and Susie Wallace with Rob Suggs

Between the ages of 8 and 12, kids often start to wonder if Christianity is true. In Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, detective J. Warner Wallace draws readers into the thrill of high-stakes investigation by showing them how to think rather than telling them what to think. In this children's companion to the bestselling Cold-Case Christianity, detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity. Includes author illustrations and links to a website ( where kids can download activities, fill in case notes, and earn a certificate of merit. 

Detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity.

The book starts out with a group of children going to a junior police academy program and learning how to be how detective. One of the boys finds an old skateboard and brings it class with him the next day. The children work together with the training detective to solve where the skateboard came from and how it ended up in the shed on the school property. While they begin the case of the skateboard, Detective Jeffries tells the children not to be “know-it-alls” about the case and he then asks them if they can think of an example of people being a “know-it-all”. One of the cadets speaks up and says that he thinks his neighbors are “know-it-alls” because they believe in God. Detective Jeffries says that Jason is being a “know-it-all” because he believes that there is no way that there is a God. Throughout the rest of the book the case of the skateboard and the case about God coincide with each other. As the cadets use the detective skills that they are learning to solve the skateboard case, they use those same skills to prove that God is real.


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I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. As the Children’s Church director at my church, I am always looking for resources and visuals that I can use with the children. This book gave me several good ideas that I am looking forward to using in the future. The worksheets that you can download to go with this book are great and would be perfect for children eight-years-old or older. The logic and detective skills that children will learn by reading this book can be applied to anything.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher. No review positive or negative was required. All opinions are my own.

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August 30, 2016

Service Tails
"Service Tails"
Ace Collins
Heart-tugging true stories of the courage, faith, and loyalty of remarkable service dogs.
Not all heroic dogs wildly toss themselves into lifesaving situations. Some save lives simply by their incredible commitment to duty and service. Some lead the way to independence for people whose disabilities were supposed to limit their lives.
In Service Tails: More Stories of Man’s Best Hero, prolific author Ace Collins introduces us to leaders whose entire lives are wrapped in the banner of service. Their stories are remarkable snapshots of the value of vision and teamwork, as well as devotion to duty and unconditional love and acceptance–stretching the way we see both canine and human potential. Their training was intense, their loyalty unquestioned and each step of the way they constantly adapt to better serve those they lead. These unforgettable dogs are more than heroes; they are models from which we can learn how to love and serve unconditionally.
"Service Tails" has 12 uplifting stories of how service dogs became heroes!  This sweet book is filled with heartwarming and inspiring stories that will encourage your heart.  It's amazing how God can and will use anyone or any animal, as long as we are willing. 
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August 25, 2016

The Loyal Heart by Shelley Shepherd Gray
     Robert Truax, former Second Lieutenant and Confederate Officer in the Civil War, made a promise to his dying comrade, Phillip Markham.  To watch after his beloved wife Miranda.  After the war Robert sets out to pick up the pieces and fulfill his promise.  When he arrives at Miranda's home in Galveston, Texas, he is shocked to find how bad things are for Miranda.  Rumors have started about Phillip being a traitor to the Cause.  Also rumors are flying around town about Miranda, because she has turned her beautiful home into a boarding house so she can make ends meet.  She also receives periodic visits from her mother and sister in law who want her out of Phillips home so they can move in.  But the most disturbing is that Miranda is receiving threatening letters and the sheriff refuses to do anything about them.  Who can Robert trust to help him save Miranda from collapsing under the emotional strain?  What's more Robert finds himself attracted to Miranda.  Well things work out for Robert and Miranda?  Can they clear Phillip's name and prove the rumors to be false?  Will Miranda get to keep her home?  Read and find out.
4 and 1/2 stars.

This book was different from other Gray books I have read. I had only read her Amish books which took place in Florida and they were a light read.  This story  kept you guessing and was unpredictable.  Had more depth to it. I enjoyed it very much.